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Chicago Travel Blog Part 2

In my last post, I filled you in on my John Mayer concert experience in Chicago. This weeks post is the rest of my adventure in the windy city. The concert venue was about a 45-minute drive from the city, so we decided to go ahead and make the drive to make the most out of our trip. When we made it to downtown, the hardest part was finding a place to park. We must have driven around in circles for what felt like an hour just to find a central location for our car. The first place we agreed to go was the famous BEAN, I mean did you even go to Chicago if you did not take a picture with it? I loved just walking around the city because there is something different to look at around every corner. With all the walking, we worked up an appetite and needed to find a restaurant as soon as possible. We ended up walking around for another half hour before we came across the cutest taco bar. They had the best patio to sit on basically on the street. The food was amazing, they had what I like to call fancy tacos. This was not just beef and cheese tacos, one of mine was spicy chicken with sauce topped with a pineapple. It was a great atmosphere and good food to top it off. After we ate lunch it was getting time to start thinking about heading home. We were stuffed full of tacos and all walked out, so it was a great stopping point. It was a quick trip, but Chicago surely did not disappoint.


Chicago Travel Blog Part 1

Girls John Mayer

My latest trip to the windy city was one of my most spontaneous trips I have ever gone on. One of the first weekends in September I took a girls trip to Chicago. We planned it just one week prior to going. The main reason for making the jaunt to Chi-Town was to see the undoubtedly famous John Mayer. It was just a two day trip but we made sure to make every minute count. We got into town just in time for the concert, cutting it so close only having about 20 minutes to get ready. Regardless of what we looked like we were ready to have a blast. The night was going great and nothing could rain on our parade, that is except for the fact it started actually raining. Now, this wasn’t just a light refreshing mist, it was a torrential downpour. The rain was definitely not on our radar, but it sure was on Chicago’s. Just because we were now sopping wet and not to mention freezing, it did not change the fact that we were about to see John Mayer. After about an hour of waiting in the rain and a few trips to the bathroom hand dryer for warmth, John Mayer came on stage. Just like that, we forgot about everything that was going on and lived in the moment for once, it was amazing. Music is such a great stress reliever and a concert is a perfect place to escape to.

Nashville Travel Blog

This past August I went to the wonderful city of Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of my favorite cities to visit and love that every time I go it feels like home. I traveled to music city with my older sister, it was our first road trip all on our own so it made it extra special. The main reason for our travels was for a concert. It was at the Bridgestone Arena downtown. Although it wasn’t a country concert, it was still a great atmosphere for great music. To start off our evening we found a restaurant right next door to the venue. It was the perfect start to the night with amazing food and like most eateries in Nashville, had live music. We finished off the night with the main concert and it was a blast. The next morning we wanted to take full advantage of our last day in Tennessee. There are tons of famous mural walls around downtown that make for the perfect photo-op, we made sure to make it to all of them and enjoy the scenery around them. Next to one of the murals is one of the cutest clothing boutiques I have ever seen.  The store, Draper James, is a high-end boutique so everything was completely out of my price range being a broke college student. But the best thing about it is that they give you complimentary sweet tea in the most adorable cup. So even though I could not buy anything, they still made me feel special with my drink. We then moved on to eat lunch at the best coffee shop called Caviar and Bananas. I had a french dip and it was to die for. I highly recommend anyone in the area to check it out. After lunch, it was a sad time because it was finally time for us to part ways with the gorgeous city. It was such a short trip, but we packed as much as possible into it. I love Nashville and I cannot wait to go back!


Florida Travel Blog

Summer 2017 I traveled to the wonderful place of Panama City Beach, Florida. My family and I have traveled down the entire state of Florida, but have never been to the panhandle. In May we decided to take a spontaneous week long adventure.

We started off our vacation with one large beach day. We took a day to relax and just soak up the sun. It was amazing, with ocean side cabanas and food delivery it made for the best lunch with a view. The next day we decided to venture out and explore the city a little more. We found out that there was a state park on the other side of town with a shuttle to an island. The day got even better when we found out that you could actually go snorkeling off the island. It was a great experience that I will never forget. After a full day of fun, we ended the day with a beachfront dinner.

Moving on with the trip, we chose to take a day off from the beach may or may not be because of our sunburns but we decided to do some touristy things. They have a great area with lots of different shops and a variety of restaurants. Our favorite shop was the Ron Jon Surf Shop because it is a classic. We also ate dinner at the famous Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. It was a great night.

We spent the remainder of the trip exploring more of the city and relaxing on the beach. There were so many good places to eat there were not enough meal times in a day to make it to everything. The color of the water was breathtaking and the sand was so white and soft. It was by far the best beach I have ever been to. It was an unforgettable trip and I highly recommend making the drive. Until next time Florida!


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